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"How To Overcome Your Fear"


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Break Free From The  Obstacles, Fear, Anxiety and Stress Holding  You Back From  Living  a  Life  Of Abundance and Happiness.

You have the power and ability to create

a beautiful life.  Learn the skills, tools and techniques to achieve true freedom.

Cheri Schultz

Your Mentor, Coach, Facilitator and Biggest Cheerleader

In This Free Masterclass Training, You Will Discover:


Identify your biggest fear and determine what obstacles are holding you back.  


My 6 Proven Strategies To Build Your Confidence Muscle


4 Powerful Techniques To Evaluate Worst-Case Scenarios

Here is my promise to you…


First, I will help you identify your biggest fears preventing you from moving forward.  The who, what, why, when or where.   Using the five w’s is key in helping you drill down into a problem, get to the root cause and solve it effectively and successfully.  


Second, is about implementing the unique techniques and strategies which create positive habits.   We usually can stay focused for a short period of time but are you willing to take the risk and make the permanent change necessary to see long term results? 


Third, you will need to maintain a plan you can implement after you leave this masterclass.  It's all about accountability; taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your environment and your schedule.    

Are you ready to "Take Action" and make it happen?  Don't let your today be like your yesterdays.   I invite you to Live Life to the fullest. 

Make it an adventure. 

Explore new things. 

Be with new people and go new places.   

I want you to laugh until your belly hurts.


I want you to do things you haven't even thought of... 


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