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Meditation CD - 

Guided Meditations 

 Gain Peace, Clarity and Serenity

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In this 10-track Guided Meditation Download.. I will help you:

  • Release stress and anxiety and replace it with inner peace.
  • Balance your emotions,  deal with physical  and emotional distress and begin feeling calm and confident.
Through simple breathing exercises, visualizations, and mental reconditioning  you'll  begin  to  feel  relief,  achieve a work-life 
balance and gain mental clarity.


1.     Become Energized and Motivated

2.     Develop Self Compassion

3.     Embrace Change

4.     Emotional Healing

5.     Finding Inner Peace

6.     Mindfulness and Clarity

7.     Peace and Tranquility

8.     Quiet the Mind

9.     Relieve from Stress and Anxiety

10.   Remove the Struggle

*This is a digital download *  Physical CDs available for purchase at Cheris live events

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