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Private Chair Yoga Sessions


Private classes are a great way for beginners to get more comfortable with poses.  A private class is a great way to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle and provide you with a more steady practice.

I can schedule your private Chair Yoga class at a time that is convenient for you.  Many students find studios intimidating and distracting.  In the privacy of a one-on-one class you will find it easier to focus solely on yourself and know you are the top priority. You will have everything you need for a safe, strong, and effective Chair Yoga practice.

What sets me apart from other private yoga teachers is my end goal for my students.  I strive to provide people with a sense of independence and consistency.  I encourage my students; "To Do Their Best and Forget the Rest".  We are all at different mobility and flexibility levels and a Chair Yoga routine will meet you at your level!   Come and join me today!

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Yes, I Want To Have a Private Chair Yoga Session


A Private Yoga Class is $55

for a 45 minute session

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